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Volunteers for Surgical Education

The surgical education volunteer program is an arm of the ISDS that partners with regional providers, dermatology departments and other educational programs and organizations that focus on training dermatologists in the theory and practical elements of excisional surgery. Unlike focused webinars or mission-based trips, this program aims to partner with a university-based dermatology department to develop longitudinal training programs that create a self-sustaining teaching and patient care model.

This program consists of a partnership with a local center where a core didactic curriculum is taught by ISDS volunteer surgeons on the ground, along with in person supervision of procedures, over a course of 3-4 years. Training trips take place generally every 3 months over this period, staffed by volunteers who commit to 1-2 week training trips.

Current efforts are underway to identify the next site for a training program slated to start in 2023 in east Africa or South America. If you are interested in volunteering in the program, please reach out to the Volunteer in Surgical Education workgroup chair, Vishal Patel (

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We are planning webinars, live-patient workshops, cadaver workshops, and Annual Meeting content coming soon with low prices for ISDS members.

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