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Position Paper of the ISDS

The ISDS stands for clinical and scientific exchange in the field of dermatosurgery:

  • oncological dermatosurgery
  • aesthetic dermatosurgery

The ISDS fosters personal and honest professional exchange between experienced dermatosurgeons and teaches dermatosurgery to future generations of physicians who wish to deepen their knowledge in this field.

Humanity and friendship form the foundation of the ISDS. Numerous pioneers and renowned physicians in their field have so far shaped the program of the annual congresses and courses, which are extremely well worth attending.


Since 2022, two particularly gruesome wars have shaken the foundations of international law and the rule of law.

ISDS stands up for international law and condemns all states and politicians who disregard international law.

ISDS stands up for the rule of law and condemns all states and politicians who disregard the rule of law.

Physicians respect human beings and human life, regardless of origin, religion and other imprints.

ISDS condemns wars of aggression and supports states that have to defend themselves against a war of aggression.

ISDS supports Ukraine.

ISDS condemns terrorism.

ISDS condemns all forms of racism.

ISDS also specifically condemns any form of anti-Semitism.

ISDS stands with Israel.

ISDS supports the concept of the two-state solution, which unfortunately is difficult to realize under the current political circumstances.

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We are planning webinars, live-patient workshops, cadaver workshops, and Annual Meeting content coming soon with low prices for ISDS members.

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